Guided by individuals with years of experience in the best advertising, design and digital agencies in the world. The people that you see in this section are the individuals that guide and create your projects from start to finish. Our talented team of business managers, creatives, designers, social gurus and developers are some of the best in the industry. 


James Thomas

Managing Director

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David Bell

Creative Director

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Andrew Wilson

Technical Director

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What is New Advertising?

Agency Forty take the best of traditional advertising agency creativity, consumer understanding and years of qualified communication results, we use this as the foundation to create content that builds relationships in the digital and physical worlds. New Advertising is completely media and screen neutral, it is ideas, people and popular culture that make brands and build businesses.


From big agency pedigree comes BIG learning. We all learnt a lot about professionalism in our field; how to think quickly, creatively, with business sense, on brief, on budget and on time.

We use these learnings for our clients' benefit. Clients need to be grounded in reality and fleet of foot. Quick off the mark, but in the right direction. That is why we embrace process. Have a look at our 4 Cs.


We exist to make money for our clients. Is it gauche to talk about money? Is it unprofessional? No, it is essential in any relationship.


We like to work closely with our clients, even working within their businesses when required, so when it comes to clients we think of them more as colleagues.


We work in a very open collaborative manner. We like ideas and we like sharing so why shouldn't you be involved as little or as much as you want.


You receive a highly successful, carefully managed project. Award-winning creatives and great developers ensure quality results and effectiveness.​


We are as comfortable working with large corporations as we are with smaller businesses that are determined to achieve great things. We are proud of our experience, with excellent relationships and outstanding references.

“Impactful and inspirational” ... “Incredibly creative and professional” ... “28% increase YOY. Thank you for all your hard work”

Agency Forty
in Forty Words

Creativity. Collaboration. Respect. Work. Desire. Sales. Brand. Future. Fulfilment. Design. Responsibility. Value. British. Fun. Business. Leading. Consideration. Environmental. Coding. Inspiration. Chocolate. Writing. Invention. Friendly. Reflection. Involvement. Fans. Awarded. Professional. Results. Experienced. Ownership. Inclusive. Winning. Impact. Consumers. Enjoyment. Relationships. Pride. 


Awards are a side-effect of solving business problems creatively and effectively. The industry professionals who judge these awards can see when a message or brand speaks to its target audience in a new and memorable way.

Agency Forty bring big agency experience, creativity and business acumen; without the arrogance or the price tag.

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