Guy Farrow is an internationally acclaimed award-winning photographer with a stunning portfolio and a client list to die for. One thing, however, was missing: a website to match and do his photography justice.



After close consultation with Guy, we decided that his shots should do the talking and that whatever design we proposed would put his dynamic imagery in the spotlight. We were understandably excited to work with such incredible visual assets. 



Full screen hero shots on a carousel provide immediate impact. They also enable Guy’s potential clients to quickly appreciate the quality and breadth of his fashion and sports photography portfolio. Scroll down and a portfolio with dynamic filters allows visitors to focus on his different specialisms.



“My website is my portfolio. Agency Forty know how important it is to me in terms of creating new business. Their website design gives my shots maximum impact and exposure, and I trust them to curate and maintain what is essentially my life’s work.”

Guy Farrow, International Photographer



Branding, navigation and social links situated in the corners enable his shots to breath. A simple ‘About’ page also features his impressive client list that includes Adidas, Pepsi, Porsche, Nike, Sony, Vivienne Westwood, Land Rover, HSBC, Aston Martin and IBM. A dedicated ‘Studio’ page also promotes his photographic studio hire and facilities.