Following the unprecedented popularity of the Downton Abbey TV series and to coincide with the global launch of the Downton Abbey film, we were given the opportunity to design the official premium gin and whisky bottles along with a website and promotional material.



Starting with the licensed spirits, we were given full creative freedom to select the bottle shape, which evokes the elegance of the era. We then used the official Downton Abbey brand assets to create a prestigious design for the premium gin and whisky brand.



The brand and spirit creation story on the label itself also strengthened the brand's official credentials. We emphasised the Yorkshire Heritage, botanical expertise and provenance of 'Downton Abbey Country'. The language used also echoed not only the premium nature of the spirit but also the vocabulary of the era.


A suite of promotional material was designed using the deep colours, opulent gold foil and a unique crest illustration. Business cards and promotional literature also empowered the sales team and conveyed a consistent brand.



Our design team also created a transactional website for the official Downton Abbey spirits. Sophisticated in its design, it featured not only the products themselves, but also some of the favourite characters from movie.