Art is something very close to the heart of our Managing Director and website design team. So, we obviously seized the exciting opportunity to work with and create a new premium brand for one of the leading international art agents and advisors; James Murray.



James Murray's target audience, like his artworks, is exclusive. Quality, integrity and authenticity were front of mind when we hand-crafted the bespoke logo and typeface. Five complementing colours of GF Smith Color Plan were die-cut, foiled and debossed for individuality and total exclusivity.



To do James Murray justice and reflect his discerning cleintele, we needed a high-calibre photographer to portray him and his works. We commissioned and directed renowned award-winning photographer Guy Farrow. Famed for his atmospheric use of lighting, he elevated the brand to new heights.



The website design wasn't without its unique challenges. We needed to be extremely careful to respect confidentiality and maintain a sensitive balance of highlighting the quality and range of artists yet without displaying the art in its entirety.


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“I needed a premium brand with real integrity and authenticity. Agency Forty created just that and a website design that oozes quality yet respects confidentiality by not displaying images in their entirety.”

James Murray, Art Agent & Advisor