The Arts

11th June 2019

Agency Forty has a real affinity and long association with the visual arts. That’s why we have such a deep understanding of the very particular sensitivities and expectations of the international art scene.



“I needed a premium brand with real integrity and authenticity. Agency Forty created just that and a website design that oozes quality yet respects confidentiality by not displaying images in their entirety.”

James Murray, Art Agent & Advisor



A genuine appreciation of the art and a strong design pedigree is essential when marketing to art lovers. They are the design community’s fiercest critics which is why when we develop a brand or website we do so in the mindset of a collector of art.



James at Agency Forty is a collector himself. I think this explains their understanding of the many nuances of the art world and allow them to expertly tailor their expertise accordingly in this sector.

David Wade Fine Art



We have created brand identities and online presences for visual arts clients from international fine art agents and advisors to award-winning photographers. In our experience, sophistication and simplicity are key. Sophistication in terms of aesthetic and simplicity in its design. We put the focus on the art itself, with minimal navigation or distractions. It’s about making entire portfolios of art and photography a joy to browse. Allowing beautiful visual content to breathe and be appreciated.



“My website is my portfolio. Agency Forty know how important it is to me in terms of creating new business. Their website design gives my shots maximum impact and exposure, and I trust them to curate and maintain what is essentially my life’s work.”

Guy Farrow, International Photographer