7th March 2016

Agency Forty has invaluable experience in the technology sector working with several large internationally recognised organisations. Our clients range from global IT hardware distributors to cybersecurity and IT asset management. These industries are, by their very nature, complex in technical terms. This makes it difficult for many communications specialists to convey exactly what they do and the benefits they can bring to potential customers.



What We Do

Agency Forty, has a deep understanding of the technology sector. We have the ability to take complex services or products and make their technical features easy for customers to clearly comprehend. What we also do is communicate what the actual benefit it is and what it will mean to the customer. This is what separates Agency Forty from other agencies.

We are adept at not only taking a brand and positioning it correctly so it is relevant to our clients’ customers, we also create strong visual identities that have impact and immediate cut-through in this sector. Website design and development for highly technical clients is one area where we really excel.

We create order and make it easy for visitors to navigate, understand specific benefits, compare and differentiate between individual products and services. The result is a slick, professional, user-friendly online experience.

We Create Too

Agency Forty not only markets products and services for the technology industry, we put our money where our mouth is as we actually create, develop and deploy technologies ourselves.

Here is just a handful of examples:

Virtual Reality: Agency Forty created the world’s first Virtual Reality platform for the international interiors world.

Football App: We developed, launched and managed a highly complex, data-rich all-in-one app for football supporters.

Software: Evolving how websites connect with business operations via bespoke inline editable software for the hospitality industry.


We Never Stop

As a business, we are constantly looking to advance the world of technology by developing exciting new ways to create rich content that engages and strengthens customer relationships. We channel our energies into creating platforms that help our clients stay ahead of their competitors. Our aim is to perpetuate success for our clients by delivering faster, more creative communications


The future?

Artificial Intelligence has thrown open the door to a whole new world of possibilities. AI has made it even more imperative that communications agencies become creators of actual products themselves to lead the way in an increasingly fragmented industry. Agency Forty will be bringing marketing intelligence to this rapidly developing technology.