Interiors & Lifestyle

10th September 2018

Interior design, build and lifestyle brands operate in intensely competitive sectors, especially in terms of attracting new clients and buyers. Irrespective of how good your product is, or how talented the service you offer may be, it takes a different, very particular skill set to get your ideas and business noticed. At Agency Forty, we’ve the expertise, creativity and infectious enthusiasm to position your brand, propel it and make it more engaging to your audience. We’ve extensive knowledge of the interiors, build and lifestyle marketplaces, enabling us to raise awareness, grow your business and deliver valuable quality enquiries and sales.


Projecting luxury interiors brands online isn’t easy. Conveying exclusivity and quality in digital mediums, whilst commanding a particular price point, takes real understanding of consumers and considerable design expertise. It’s all about achieving the right balance of marketing, budget and technical support. For example, if you’re a high-end interiors brand, we can position you online and maintain your level of exclusivity. We’ll give your potential and existing customers a digital experience that reflects and enhances the quality of your products and creativity.


We pride ourselves not only on our passion but our production values, too. We know that expectations in your sector are extremely high and we make decent budgets bat well above their weight. This doesn’t happen by accident. Everything is bespoke, carefully planned by our dedicated team that maintains and supports your online presence and business, integrating your online e-tailing site with your bricks and mortar stock. Having a seriously impressive and engaging website is essential if you want to compete and win business in the interiors, build and lifestyle sectors. Clients and buyers need to see that you are consistently ahead of the curve and permanently forward-thinking in your approach to design.



Agency Forty knows how to achieve the optimum mix of style and functionality. We have the experience to understand the effect subtleties in design can have on overall user experience and actual sales.


Print is not dead. Far from it in this sector. Brochures are still an important part of the marketing mix. People love the tactile nature of print. We have extensive knowledge of the quality of print materials, imagery and techniques. We handle everything from pagination, design, copywriting, commissioning photography and illustration through to artwork and print buying.

Exhibitions & Events

Agency Forty has been integral to the design, build and success of award-winning stands and presences at some of the leading International Interior Design Shows. We work closely with our clients to create show-stopping experiences featuring high impact design and cutting edge interactive technologies including virtua reality. With our proven track record for creativity and delivering on time and on budget, Agency Forty is a safe and capable pair of hands.


The interior design, build and lifestyle sectors have highly active print media with massive readerships. Consumers enjoy browsing glossy magazines for inspiration or reading trade publications to keep abreast with the latest industry news. Agency Forty has vast experience in the creation of impactful press and digital advertising campaigns for a wide diversity of brands in all three sectors. We also have strong relationships built up over years with a wide gamut of publications and often leverage our connections to the benefit of our clients.  


If there is one media that is capable of conveying a sense of quality, style and emotion, it’s film. We have conceived, scripted, directed and produced numerous film and video productions for clients that tells their individual story. Video provides rich online content with high production values for a surprisingly small investment. You can’t argue with the facts: by next year 80% of internet traffic will be video, YouTube mobile video consumption increases 100% each year and 55% of people watch videos every day.

Social Media

The bigger your audience, the more exposure you’ll receive across social media. Amassing followers, triggering likes, and interacting directly with your potential customers can be intensive. However, with the right tools and consumer insights, Agency Forty can help grow your following, keep them engaged and actually monetize your relationship with them. We understand the power of each social media platform and how to create conversation, powerful imagery and highly sharable video.


PR is an important discipline in these sectors and although we don’t provide this service we do collaborate with best people and consultancies in this sector. We work closely with our PR partners to ensure synergy and more importantly effectiveness and we have an impressive history of successful relationships.