Agency Forty have the pleasure of working with one of the leading International Art Agents and Advisors; James Murray. A premium brand, with exclusive clients, sourcing some of the most important artworks available. 

For James Murray's target audience, quality was paramount. The logo and typeface were crafted by hand, five complimentary colours of GF Smith Color Plan were chosen for the suite of stationery, die-cut, foiling and debossing added further exclusivity.

Agency Forty sourced, briefed and worked with renowned photographer Guy Farrow. The clientele of James Murray (and future clients) are an incredibly discerning target audience, Agency Forty had to ensure that they were positively influenced by the visual quality throughout each and every level of branding and communication. 

Discretion and confidentiality are key to James Murray. The website design challenge was to highlight the quality and range of artists, without always showing the art itself.  

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