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A creative company with a new take on marketing brought about by global advertising & digital experience. Explained and demonstrated by this unique website.

We all navigate life differently, we start at the same place and then we take our own path. Wander through our Agency Forty site in your own way. Scroll and enjoy the freedom.

Let us explain...

Agency Forty are an integrated marketing agency, we deliver content that disrupts and engages, at Agency Forty, we call this ‘New Advertising’. We work with large existing blue-chip clients and small new brands using our expertise and creativity cross-communication, if you only have 40 seconds, watch the film and discover New Advertising.

Latest Work

From strategy to brand ignition, design to digital, advertising to technical app development, all in-house – it is the end result that is important to Agency Forty. This is just a small selection of work, we update regularly so please come back and see what’s new.

Our Clients

These past and present clients sum up Agency Forty. Yes we have a vast array of very impressive clients and work, but to us each project is important, whether it be for a global giant like Vodafone or an emerging brand like Printwaiter.

Award Winning Creative Agency

We have awards, but we aren’t about winning awards. They are a lovely pat on the back, but really they're a side effect of producing great work that wins customers, builds brands and increases revenue.

Who are
Agency Forty?

Agency Forty are guided by individuals with years of experience in the best advertising, design and digital agencies in the World. We have been in charge of traditional agencies, started and sold businesses, and been Marketing Directors on both sides. We are big agency, big ideas, big experience and small overheads. Do you want to make your budgets and brands work harder and smarter?

James Thomas - MD      David Bell - CD      Chris Hemmingway - DD      Andrew Wilson - TD

our Universe

As they say, "We are all individuals" hence A40’s new award-winning website with an innovative navigation. Click on any of the 40 circles to reveal its content. Use the navigation in the top right corner. Each page has lots of hidden joy and related content - try clicking everything everywhere - enjoy your journey.
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The Start
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The Future
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Managing Director
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Clients Past & Present
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A40 in a 40 Secs
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Client Reviews
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Photo of the Week
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Our Services
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Creative Director
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People & Brands
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New Advertising
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Case Study Two
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Digital Director
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Y Don't U
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The Team
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Case Study One
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40 Bad Slogans
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Technical Director
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Virtual Reality
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Contact Details
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Work with us?
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Our Process
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40 Media Channels
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We take the best of traditional advertising agency creativity, consumer understanding and years of qualified communication results, and use it to create content that builds relationships in the digital world