Integrated Marketing

14th March 2017

Our agile team prides itself on providing a genuine holistic marketing approach. From brand identity and strategic marketing plans to full e-commerce website design and traditional advertising campaigns. Where we really come into our own though is where we join everything together. The world of media is massively fragmented and less effective as people self-select. To counteract this, we work even harder to connect with progressively elusive target consumers.



Brands are also increasingly guided by their audience, rather than brands leading their consumers down Path to Purchase. That’s why we need to understand exactly HOW people consume content in different environments and at different times. We believe in the principles of the ‘Big Idea’. Forget quick fix tactical spikes in sales. We work with clients with foresight that demand brand building campaigns in addition to sales. We do this by driving incentives, communicated at multiple touchpoints.



We start with the brand and its identity. We examine whether it communicates effectively with the world in which it belongs. ‘Brand Activation’ then enables us to bring a brand to life through a variety of 360° brand experiences. It works on a strategic level. It works tactically, too. Think ‘idea-centric’ and channel neutral.

We build and develop communication campaigns that are idea-centric, not ad-centric, and deliver them seamlessly ‘through the line’. It’s a fusion of strategic brand building and tactical sales driving activities. Everything stems from the brands’ core proposition and brand essence, providing consistency throughout. It delivers measurable sales results whilst still building brand equity at every touchpoint.



Popular culture and people inspire us to find new ways to infiltrate areas of influence, but on acceptable terms so they’re not rejected as “invasive”. Everything we do is results driven, relates to the brand’s marketing objectives and ultimately drives action. It works.