Agency Forty were commissioned to create a new brand that was grounded in a history of established artisans and craftsmen, but linking the whole concept to modern interiors. The additional challenge was to launch into a global market within 3 months.

Full brand architecture was created, which helped create the company name Volta, chosen for its Latin translation: Vaulted. The logo and monogram reflect the idea of directing the eye to look above. 

Agency Forty worked with an Internationally acclaimed photographer and an award-winning film crew to created premium results that give a consistent impression of established quality. 

The key to the bespoke website was to give empathy to the historical art-form of hand-painted ceilings whilst bringing the skills and capabilities of this new brand into a digital environment.

The brand was launched at Decorex 2015. The Agency Forty team were able to bring the art of traditional hand-painted ceilings to life in a unique presentation.

The exhibition stand was the talk of the show with all journalists visiting the stand and giving interviews to our film crew, along with the president of the BIID, celebrities and diplomats. More than 1,500 visitors were fully immersed in a four minute experience of Volta - that's over 100 hours of brand time.

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