Brand Activation

This means developing communication campaigns that are idea centric (not Ad centric) and which are seamlessly delivered “through the line”. Strategic springboards can leverage a brand into a rich territory, enabling it to interact with defined personas in a distinctive and meaningful way. It clearly defines the physical and emotional “space” you want to occupy in your consumers’ hearts and minds, and the context you wish to operate in going forward.



Brand activation brings with it strategic brand building and tactical sales driving activities, in this case; desired recognition front of mind a liation of ‘brand equity’ i.e. not just the brand stamp but the embodiment of who and what a brand is and what it means to the people using the service – communication and motivation.


Stages of Activation


Invite the target to participate in your activity by maximising awareness.


Provide a relevant, tangible one-on-one brand experience activities.


Communicate your message to a mass audience by creating 3rd party content.


The pace of change is accelerating - eyeballs no longer build brands, today its ideas, people and popular culture. It is a physical or emotional space in consumers lives that enables the brand to interact in a distinctive and meaningful way.