Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality . Fully Immersive Media . Computer Simulated Reality - Sounds like something from a Sci-Fi film, and until very recently that was exactly where it was going to stay. However, with the developments in screen clarity and processing speeds over the past few years, Virtual Reality is a Reality.

Even in its current form, VR is more than impressive enough to take a customer on a journey of delight. Agency Forty with our developers, programmers and designers can bring life to new worlds, historical eras, we can place products in any environment - in VR we can do anything you can think of.

Volta - Virtual Reality

Whilst creating Volta Ceilings as a brand, Agency Forty's challenge was to create a new brand that was grounded in a history of established artisans and craftsmen, but linking the whole concept to modern interiors. How to feature the ceilings in any environment? 

Agency Forty's creatives and technical team brought the art of traditional hand-painted ceilings to life in a modern and unique presentation. The first Virtual Reality interiors experience was created to entice and immerse the 10,000 visitors of Decorex International 2015 into the world of Volta Ceilings. 

Bringing Volta to life in a meaningful way, without gimmicks

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Virtual Reality