The incredible, free all-in-one Football App. Agency Forty have put their money where their mouths are. This powerful app was conceived, planned, produced, designed, developed, launched and promoted by Agency Forty.

Try it for yourself

Super Supporter is for supporters of all 92 teams in the 4 English Football Leagues and cup competitions.



Instant team news from multiple national and local sources. Live scores for all games with in-play text commentary and unique graphics. TV match schedule. YouTube match highlights from your teams. Innovative football predictor game using real odds. Play in public leagues or private groups and live chat, all in-app.

A fully-responsive single page site was designed and built, a destination site to inform users and drive downloads.

In the 3 months since the launch, Super Supporter has over 2,000 downloads, it is picking up natural traction through in-house social media activity and the average time spent on the app is an impressive 7 minutes.

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