Ikonic Technology

Ikonic excites us. It is the number one technology distributor in Europe. After gaining a deep understanding of the client and their market, we created and rolled out a full rebrand with website design and advertising. Together, we devised a clear digital strategy, developed smooth transition communications then relaunched the brand with a bang and have been advertising and marketing it successfully ever since.



Rebranding can be tricky. However, collaborating closely with the client throughout the process meant that the brand strategy was pitched perfectly and the transition was seamless. Brand guidelines provided clarity whilst transition communications generated enthusiastic support throughout Ikonic.



Acclaimed photographer Matt Davis was commissioned and the filmic feel of his shots combined with a powerful identity gave the brand and website design a strong sensibility of quality.



We know that being in the tech sector, there would be high expectations for the website design. After devising a site plan together, we designed and built a fully responsive website that gave the new brand a confident presence. Bespoke graphics, a clear tone of voice and selective use of animation positioned the brand in the digital communication sweetspot.

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The stage was set. Ikonic was live but we needed to engage its suppliers and customers. A co-created social media and email marketing strategy was then put into action which continues to engage with and capture the imaginations of new customers every day.