Agency Forty's Creative Director
goes back to College

20th May 2016


“It’s rewarding, getting the students and their work ready for the real world…There were some fantastic creative campaigns, the students showed real determination and passion"

David Bell, Creative Director

Agency Forty’s CD David Bell was a guest lecturer at Leeds College of Art for a day last week, giving a practical lesson to the Level 5 Creative Advertising Degree Students.

 The full-day workshop was quick-thinking, involving, educational and fun. Students were teamed up and briefed by David on a one day brief.

 Throughout the day the students had to work as Advertising Creatives, and then critique their work as Creative Directors, then critique as though they were Clients, then again as Consumers – learning and practising how to critique their own work at each layer, and improving their work accordingly.

“It was a full-on day, the students worked as hard as I’ve ever seen them work, it was incredibly valuable for them in so many ways. The students get so much real –world learning from visiting professionals, thank you Agency Forty for sparing David for the day.”

Fabio Fragiacomo, Degree Programme Leader 

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