Agency Forty are pleased to announce that during the launch of The Growers at the Spring Harrogate Flowers Show, the stand won the coveted Gold Award. Quite an achievement when you look at the incredible floral and plant displays that were wowing the thousands of visitors each day.

Many thanks to the Illustrator Nici Gregory, the author David Bell and to Thomas Dornans for helping us bring this illustrative world to life by printing these incredible over-life-sized standees. A solid gold achievement.

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The first fully-customisable menu design company, Print Waiter are proud to announce their new and improved website

This updated website, which was designed and built by Agency Forty features a revolutionary in-line edit system developed by Agency Forty.

This platform makes it even easier for restaurants, cafes, hotels, bars and bistros to fully customise their menus, tent cards and posters from a choice of 100s of beautifully designed templates.

There is also a new customer Account option, choose either the Professional Print Service or the Download and Print your Own option.

Updated website design, new menu templates, easier user experience and new customer options – win – win – win – win.

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We are very pleased to announce that The Growers children's book is now being stocked by Foyles, Blackwell's, Waterstones, The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), Wordery, Amazon, good independent bookstores, garden centres and direct from 

These are exciting times for The Growers and Pen Dance Productions.

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The Growers PR Story

28th March 2017
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Written, illustrated and printed in the UK, The Growers is the first in a series of witty and delightful children’s books specifically designed to be shared by modern grandparents and their grandchildren aged 2 – 7.


Beautifully written and illustrated, this is a child’s-eye view of the fun filled relationship between always-inquisitive Jess and Jack and their creative and green- fingered grandparents, The Growers.

Set in The Grower’s busy garden, populated by a vivid cast of animals and other wildlife, the book uses nature to help children understand the world around them through both storytelling and hands-on activities. From planting the wildflower seed paper included with the book to baking Granny Grower’s Sticky Honey Cake, it’s perfectly tuned in to the role of grandparents as providers of wisdom and fun in equal proportions.


Over 43% of grandparents are the primary source of childcare for the under 10’s.
The Growers uses industrious honeybees to give children an upbeat explanation of why their parents are out at work. Drawing this parallel so accessibly has also earned this book ‘Perfect for Pollinators’ approval from the Royal Horticultural Society.

As with all the best children’s books, The Growers’ words and visuals combine to tell numerous stories, rewarding the constant reading and re-reading which small children enjoy so much. For grandparents, this is a delightful way to re-discover the joy of young, enquiring minds through both reading time and the many active learning projects.
Children can also teach their grandparents a thing or two, demonstrating their digital native skills as they explore The Growers website. This builds on the characters and story, offering an even wider range of games, jokes and activities to share.

Written by David Bell and illustrated by Nici Gregory. Published: Spring 2017
The Growers is published by Pen Dance Publications Tel: 01423 623496. 40pp. Full colour. Printed on FSC paper.
RRP £6.99. Available from Foyles, RHS, Blackwells, Waterstones, Amazon, Wordery and independent bookshops and garden centres.

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To celebrate 100 years of the IPA, the most important advertising works of all time were celebrated in a Festival of Advertising.

David Bell's McDonald's commercial starring Jack Charlton has been included in the best radio ads ever, a Hall of Fame moment. This commercial picked up the coveted Arial Gold Award for the best radio commercial of the year, now it has gone one better and is one of the best radio ads of all time! 

Listen to the McDonald's radio here.

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Super Supporter Launches

16th January 2017
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Super Supporter. The free all-in-one Football App that helps to create a level playing field for all fans.

This powerful app was conceived, planned, produced, designed, developed, launched and promoted by Agency Forty. It will be backed by a responsive website and an in-house social media campaign designed to drive downloads. Try it for yourself, download for free at

More Details...
Super Supporter is the brand new football app for supporters of all 92 teams in the 4 English Football Leagues and cup competitions. Created and developed by The Rookery Project, a subsidiary company of Agency Forty, this innovative new application helps bridge the gap between the Premier League and the rest, whilst encouraging users to support all leagues.

This app delivers an unprecedented level of content and features never produced before in a football app. There is instant team news from multiple national and local sources, live scores for all games and in-play text commentary with unique graphics.

The app makes life more interesting by bringing in YouTube match highlights from your chosen teams and there’s an innovative predictor game that uses real odds on all matches in all leagues, for free.

Fans can play the in-app game in public leagues or create private groups where they can chat live with friends. There is even a useful televised match schedule on the home hub, to personalise the app further when Super Supporters choose their favourite team the app changes to their club’s colours.

This Opta-powered app is packed with everything any English football fan will ever need and it is completely free with no in-app purchases and no ads. Download for free on the App Store and Google Play - quick links are on the Super Supporter website.

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“It’s rewarding, getting the students and their work ready for the real world…There were some fantastic creative campaigns, the students showed real determination and passion"

David Bell, Creative Director

Agency Forty’s CD David Bell was a guest lecturer at Leeds College of Art for a day last week, giving a practical lesson to the Level 5 Creative Advertising Degree Students.

 The full-day workshop was quick-thinking, involving, educational and fun. Students were teamed up and briefed by David on a one day brief.

 Throughout the day the students had to work as Advertising Creatives, and then critique their work as Creative Directors, then critique as though they were Clients, then again as Consumers – learning and practising how to critique their own work at each layer, and improving their work accordingly.

“It was a full-on day, the students worked as hard as I’ve ever seen them work, it was incredibly valuable for them in so many ways. The students get so much real –world learning from visiting professionals, thank you Agency Forty for sparing David for the day.”

Fabio Fragiacomo, Degree Programme Leader 

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We are again incredibly proud here at Agency Forty - it has just been announced that our website, yes, this website is a rather cool AWWWARDS Nominee. 


But that's not all, Agency Forty are also in Public Voting for the FWA Site of the Day Awards. We're all really quite excited and all tingly with pride.


The Site by Agency Forty - AWWWARDS Nomination


The Site by Agency Forty Site of the Day Nomination and Public Vote

It isn’t so much the actual awards that delight us (which are always great to receive) but the fact that this recognition has come so quickly, showing that we are continuing with the premium quality and assurance of creativity that we have all grown our reputations upon.

If you’d like to create unbelievable award-winning work that has an enormous positive impact on your business, please get in touch.

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We are very proud to announce that in our first year as Agency Forty we have already been nominated for two creative awards – Roses Creative Awards.


Craft: Use of Photography - Lapicida: Renaissance Reclaimed


Campaign Design: Exhibition/Point Of Sale - Volta: VR. The Future

It isn’t so much the actual awards that delight us (which are always great to receive) but the fact that this recognition has come so quickly, showing that we are continuing with the premium quality and assurance of creativity that we have all grown our reputations upon.

If you’d like to create unbelievable award-winning work that has an enormous positive impact on your business, please get in touch.

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Developed to make professionally designed and printed menus instantly available to every level of the hospitality industry, is a new interactive website providing over 100 different templates. Devised by a team of professional designers, every template is FSA compliant and fully customizable, producing a unique finished product.

Menus Designed In Minutes
Now creating a new menu and sending it to print is done in minutes.  Simple navigation allows the user to select menu size and format, choose and customize templates, upload logos, photographs and menu items, decide paper type and then save and review finished jobs before sending them to print at the click of a button. A 24 hour turnaround service is available, but even the standard free UK delivery takes just four days.

Quality, Value and Speed ships worldwide and alongside its menus offers a full range of templates for other key promotional items including tent cards, coasters and posters. The site has been set up by Dornans, who have led the market in hospitality printing since 1848. It combines their 167 years of experience in the industry with the latest in web and print technology, to create a service offering quality, value and speed. 

Customer Services
Behind the scenes is a vibrant design team, state of the art printing and exceptional customer service, with helplines open from 7am – 11pm, matching the long hours worked in the hospitality industry. The site also provides valuable resources for anyone serving food and beverages, containing expert advice on complex issues such as allergy labelling and jargon-busting the print process.

Bespoke Design and Print
Alongside its online services, is also a portal to Dornans’ bespoke design and print. The company has unrivaled experience in both high and low volume hospitality printing, from simple menus to full hotelier packages, backed by a complete range of support and fulfilment services.

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Guardians of the virtually lost craft of hand painted canvas ceilings, Volta takes this traditional decorative art into contemporary interiors.

First seen in classical Greece, painting scenes on fabric became an increasingly refined art, direct ancestor of the illusionist ceilings of Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo times.

In London, Inigo Jones famously commissioned Rubens to produce a series of astonishing ceiling canvases for Banqueting House in Whitehall. Painted in Ruben’s Antwerp studio in 1635, the central panel alone measures fifty eight square metres.

In the theatre too, painted canvas has always been a medium of magical illusion. As a bespoke art form, it has dazzling potential for both traditional and modern ceilings.

Volta is a craft collaboration between two high-profile Belgian artists, Eddy Dankers and Thierry Thenaers. Eddy’s family have been artists since the 17th Century and he is a Royal Warrant holder to the Belgian court. Thierry is a renowned master painter, operatic set designer and interior designer. Individually, both have worked on many of Europe’s historic buildings, including the restoration of Versailles.

Inheritors and developers of the art of painted canvas ceilings, Thierry and Eddy set up Volta as an international interiors brand and their teams work all over the world. Using old and new techniques and technologies and a group of extraordinarily talented artists, they can create anything from a perfect facsimile of a Baroque masterpiece to a dazzling ultra-modern trompe l’oeil ceiling. Although they have moved ceiling painting into the 21st Century, Thierry and Eddy are highly eco-sensitive; working on natural linen canvas, using natural casein paints, and sharing a passion for authentic plant and mineral-pigmented colour. 

It is only in Belgium that linen is still seamlessly woven in the enormous widths and lengths of canvas which important projects can demand; up to 12 x 100 m in a single piece. Painting ceilings on finely woven linen has many advantages over murals painted direct on the ceiling. The entire installation can be painted in the studio and because they are not having to work above their heads, the artists can produce finer and more detailed work. No scaffolding is required on site: The ceiling is delivered as a single finished piece to its destination and simply glued in place. Linen ceilings have another big advantage in being unaffected by cracks and settlement which so often damage decorated plaster ceilings.

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