The Growers PR Story

28th March 2017

Written, illustrated and printed in the UK, The Growers is the first in a series of witty and delightful children’s books specifically designed to be shared by modern grandparents and their grandchildren aged 2 – 7.


Beautifully written and illustrated, this is a child’s-eye view of the fun filled relationship between always-inquisitive Jess and Jack and their creative and green- fingered grandparents, The Growers.

Set in The Grower’s busy garden, populated by a vivid cast of animals and other wildlife, the book uses nature to help children understand the world around them through both storytelling and hands-on activities. From planting the wildflower seed paper included with the book to baking Granny Grower’s Sticky Honey Cake, it’s perfectly tuned in to the role of grandparents as providers of wisdom and fun in equal proportions.


Over 43% of grandparents are the primary source of childcare for the under 10’s.
The Growers uses industrious honeybees to give children an upbeat explanation of why their parents are out at work. Drawing this parallel so accessibly has also earned this book ‘Perfect for Pollinators’ approval from the Royal Horticultural Society.

As with all the best children’s books, The Growers’ words and visuals combine to tell numerous stories, rewarding the constant reading and re-reading which small children enjoy so much. For grandparents, this is a delightful way to re-discover the joy of young, enquiring minds through both reading time and the many active learning projects.
Children can also teach their grandparents a thing or two, demonstrating their digital native skills as they explore The Growers website. This builds on the characters and story, offering an even wider range of games, jokes and activities to share.

Written by David Bell and illustrated by Nici Gregory. Published: Spring 2017
The Growers is published by Pen Dance Publications Tel: 01423 623496. 40pp. Full colour. Printed on FSC paper.
RRP £6.99. Available from Foyles, RHS, Blackwells, Waterstones, Amazon, Wordery and independent bookshops and garden centres.

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