Case Study:

The Brief

Agency Forty was approached by Thierry Thenaers, an Internationally renowned interior designer from Brussels, to help him realise his dream of reinventing ceiling designs. His idea was to offer a global service of hand-painted ceilings onto canvasses up to 10m x 100m with both traditional and more importantly contemporary styles. 

The challenge was to create a new brand that was grounded in a history of established artisans and craftsmen, but linking the whole concept to modern interiors. The additional challenge was to do this without a name, brand, imagery, content or an idea, to launch into a global market within 3 months.

The Execution

The Branding

Agency Forty researched the International market place and identified competition, positioning and business opportunities. A full brand architecture plan was created, leading to potential company names and propositions. Volta was chosen for it's Latin translation to Vaulted, and immediate association to ceilings. 


Brand identity was developed by the team of designers at Agency Forty with the mindset of a simple, premium and modern attitude. The logo and monogram reflect the idea of directing the eye to look above. It was important that the brand catalogue of materials reflected the quality and nature of this modern-traditional brand. 

Superior imagery and film quality create the right first impression of a brand

Volta - Creating the Content

The team of strategists and creatives at Agency Forty developed a plan to launch Volta at the leading Interiors exhibition Decorex International 2015. With only 3 a month window it was important from the beginning to create a planned timeline and creative strategy to deliver the content and idea. 


Premium imagery from International award-winning photographer Guy Farrow. A brand film was shot by a team of experienced award-winning crew, in various locations in Belgium on the Red camera in 4K. The quality results of only a two day shoot give a consistent impression of established quality.

The Website

The site was planned with meticulous precision, the whole site was written and designed ready for the insertion of the visual content. The team of web designers, copywriters and developers created the site initially in first screen mobile format and then transferred into desktop versions. 


The key to the bespoke website was to give empathy to the historical art-form of hand-painted ceilings whilst bringing the skills and capabilities of this new brand into a digital environment. The site was custom built into a CMS allowing for development of multi lingual content whilst using the latest CSS and HTML code. 

Mixing traditional skills with cutting-edge digital

SEO optimised, multi-lingual and fully responsive design

Brand Announcement Emailers

To launch the brand at Decorex 2015, a series of emailers were designed, written and developed. The UK and International interior professionals and media were contacted before, during, and immediately after the exhibition.

Relevant content was added to the emails as it was created during the show, helping to keep the audience enticed and ready to engage with the brand. 


Social Media

Agency Forty created a suite of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pintrest and Instagram. Using our experience in consumer conversation to reach over 10,000 people on Facebook alone in just over 3 weeks.  

Decorex International 2015

Through Agency Forty's connections, we were able to secure a prime centre stage site from which to impress the influential audience. The stand's position was secured by presenting an innovative idea that tied perfectly with the 2015 Decorex proposition - Future of Interiors. 


Agency Forty's creatives and technical team were able to bring the art of traditional hand-painted ceilings to life in a modern and unique presentation. The first interiors Virtual Reality experience was created to entice and immerse the 10,000 visitors of Decorex into a world of Volta Ceilings. 

10,000 visitors & over 1000 experienced the brand for over 4 minutes

The Results

Volta was launched on time, on budget and with acclaimed success.

From a standing start the business received over £150,000 of orders within just a few weeks of launch, and continues to receive daily enquiries.

Brand announcement emailers created an impressive 35% open rate with over 15% click-through. 

The exhibition stand by Agency Forty was the talk of the show with many of the National and International journalists visiting the stand and giving interviews to our film crew, along with the president of the BIID, celebrities and diplomats. 


1 in 8 visitors were fully emmersed in a 4 minutes experience of Volta - that's over 66 hours of brand time. 

Data capture of more than 1,000 quality new contacts. Frenzy of activity on Twitter and Facebook with thousands of tweets throughout the show. 

Working collaboratively with Arc PR, our preferred specialist interiors PR agency. Agency Forty were able to secure pages and pages of editorial, many announcing Volta as... 

"The One to Watch". 

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Case Study: