Case Study:
Print Waiter

The Brief

Agency Forty were approached by Thomas Dornan's Ltd; professional printers with over 165 years experience, with a simple brief of 'maximise the opportunities presented with the hospitality business.'


Thomas Dornan's already had a base of hospitality clients including restaurants, hotels and bars which provided regular streams of income. We were asked to create a full feasibility study and suggest the most appropriate business and marketing strategy. 

The Execution

The Branding

It was identified by Agency Forty through the process of the feasibility study that there was a gap in the web to print market that was specifically targeted and related to the hospitality industry. Through a series of think tanks with the clients and industry professionals, Print Waiter was named. 


It was essential when our design team were creating the branding that it was memorable, fresh and reliable. Modern, clean, efficient colours were chosen. The tone is conversational and representative of the industry. It is Print Waiter's ambition to be the independent hospitality industry's champion of print, promotion and design.

Adding character and professionalism to a new online business

The Content

The logo and monogram reflect the idea of a waiter, referencing the hospitality industry. It was important that the brand catalogue of materials reflected the nature of this modern web to print brand. 


Agency Forty's team of award-winning designers researched and developed over 150 menu designs which were then expanded to form full suites of hospitality promotional materials, this was populated across the site.

Over 150 complete suites of promotional hospitality designs

The Website

Agency Forty are very proud of creating the UK's first, fully customisable web to print solution for the hospitality industry. PrintWaiter.com has many complexities; it is responsive, content managed, contains content editing suite, supports multi-lingual and is a secure e-commerce website. 


It was essential not only to build a site that was functional as a service and a store, but a platform from which to communicate and encourage two way dialogue with the hospitality industry. The content on the site provides help and advice for the independent hospitality trade, everything from guidance on FSA food allergy labelling to tips on menu writing. 

E-commerce, responsive, editable content, CMS, multi-lingual and SEO optimised

UK's first fully customisable hospitality web to print service

Brand Announcement

Agency Forty created a very specific strategy to launch the Print Waiter business. It was essential to target individual independent hotels, bars and restaurants across the UK in a series of emailers, direct mail and targeted inserts in two of the UK's largest printed trade publications; The Caterer and The Restaurant Magazine.


Collaborating with specialist data services, Print Waiter was able to target over 25,000 key customers instantly. Social media was used to demonstrate the personality of the brand, creativity, honesty and helpfulness. The platforms used were Pintrest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google +. On the first day of launch MasterChef UK favourited and re-tweeted our content. 

The Results

At the time of writing this case study, the Print Waiter site has only been launched for 3 weeks. We have had an overwhelming interest from the hospitality industry media, and orders are starting to come through already. Response to the creativity, service and overall brand attitude has been incredible. 

Next week sees 10,000 calendar inserts going to our target audience, thousands more emailers being sent and next year Print Waiter will be featured at two of the large catering exhibitions. 

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Case Study:
Print Waiter